Thursday, May 17, 2012

It ain't nothin' but a number...right?

Before dating:
 around 150
After dating:
less than 170
After 7 years of marriage and 2 kids:
221 (actual)

Those numbers?
I know.
{sad feeling yesterday when I weighed myself}
The first thought I had after weighing myself was,
"I don't feel that fat.  I feel better than I have in a long time"
{sexy girl, remember?}
And, yes it is just a number, but why does it have to be such a big number, jeesh!

I am really loving how I look these days. 
I feel sexy, good-to-go, and curvy.  I have a bounce in my step, you know? 
I've been taking karate classes, a cardio-kickboxing class here and there, and an intense yoga session just this Tuesday.  I'm sweating my bootie off, people! And I definitely feel it in every muscle.
Can you say "ow!" with me everytime I take a step?
On top of that...
I only eat half of what's I'm served on my plate and eat the rest for dinner or lunch the next day.
I'm having a smoothie for breakfast this morning
I also ate two big handfuls of tortilla chips after dinner last night.  And, maybe another handful of dark chocolate covered almonds after that.  I may have also opted for a huge cup of Sprite instead of water...

So you get where I'm going with this right?

It took a little under 10 years to put this pleasant plumpness on and it was all my own doing.
No one force fed me.
No one strapped me to a chair everyday for 10 years putting food in my mouth.
Well, actually someone did.

So, yes I'm feeling all kinds of hottie these days...
And, yes, I know that all the food I consume isn't healthy for me.
Also, I understand that just because I'm exercising doesn't mean I can just eat however and whenever I want.
That's the first step out of denial, right?
 : )
How do you keep yourself from shoving all that yummy food in your mouth?
'Cause it's dang hard over here!!!
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Fallon said...

oh girl!!! I get this. Before beauty school, 125. After first baby, 150, after second baby, 180. now, 170. :( This is honestly in the last 5 years. LOL! Its not fun or cute, and I keep telling myself its okay, because my husband is still attracted to me. NOT A GOOD EXCUSE! I ate some tortilla chips yesterday while i was cooking dinner, then two... yes two cupcakes I made for desert. I love food. I got on the scale this morning, and decided its time for healthier food. But, I am not one to use the "d" word, because then I go ape shit and eat everything in sight. Be strong!!

Manda Jane said...

it's hard. I am having struggles on my 'get healthy' kick. I have good weeks and bad weeks. I just try not to be hard on myself when I get off track and remember I'm only human. It's really hard to break bad habits and change your lifestyle overnight! Thanks for linking up!

sweetdee said...

Renee great blog.I'm just now reading it and I think its creative, fun and bright! I've always been a yoyo dieter always fluctuating the same 15 pounds. The only way I've ever effectively lost is by journaling what I eat and learning about food through weight watchers. For me its always been more about the diet and less about the exercise. Dieting has been essential to weight loss including cooking healthier and exercising maybe thirty minutes three or four times per week. Hope this helps! Good luck!

Marian said...

pretty sure you wrote this just for me today. I've been working out for the last few weeks at what I thought was a pretty intense level. I've been getting a bit more toned but the number on the scale hasn't moved and this morning I was super frustrated. Especially after my husband (who's been working out for a week) came in and told me he's lost 5 pounds...thanks!

Anyway, I totally needed to hear this. I am seeing progress so I just need to hang in there and keep going. I can do it, and so can you. Thank you for pulling me out of a rut this morning. Seriously turned my day around!!

Becca Acker said...

Way to go on all the exercising you are doing! One thing I do to keep from wanting to eat when I know I don't need to, is chew gum. Or drink a big cup of water. They both seem good options.

Kristen Seuberling said...

I love you more each and every day. Seriously. You are so effing brave to tell us all how it is for you. Brave. When I started blogging (before ANYONE, even you, read) I was posting my weight. And it was ok, because nobody was reading it. It scares me to disclose that info now, because, you know, people read my blog now. And comment.

You are a gorgeous woman, regardless of your weight. And the fact that you are practicing self-love regardless of that weight is just amazing. I'm slowly trying to wean off of the scale and focus more on my measurements... we've noticed that my measurements are going down, but not the scale, and that totally gives me a complex!

So focus on feeling good. Focus on enjoying the things you eat. REALLY enjoy it, one little bite at a time. Go all "When Harry Met Sally" on what you eat. Sometimes when you take the time to slow down, your body becomes satisfied with less, because you trigger the pleasure centers in your brain sooner. It really does help!

Tracy Jensen said...

The fact that you put those numbers out there got me in....I am from the west coast hop.

I've got some extra padding I need to get rid of too...let's work together!

dear life from a mom of boys

Tracy Jensen said...

come find me! :)

Leilani @ Soleil Selene said...

Good for you with exercising, Nay! I'm totally one of those people that think exercising means I can eat whatever I want. That's one of my biggest problems. It used to be that way back in my early 20s when I could eat the shittiest and unhealthiest foods, but I wouldn't gain a pound. But now I'm pushing 30. YIKES!