Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's laugh together...:D

Hello there chickees:)
Laughter is good for the soul...and because of that
I hope your day is full of chuckles and giggles -
these really made me L.O.L in my cubicle this morning:

So this morning I had a small cup of coffee and a bowl of fiber-rich cereal.  Does that mean I'm a
"fully loaded little shi..."?!
{laughing my butt off over here...}

Source: via Renee on Pinterest

{This one made me smile from ear to ear}
I've been "little miss positivity" at work - all happy happy joy joy - and I know it is driving people insane over here!

No words for this...just, "Yup, exactly!"

Yes it does...yes it DOES!!

Source: via Renee on Pinterest

My poor hubby...he's actually taken photos of me sleeping to prove to me that I hog the entire bed! Now that's love...having to endure that for 7+ years!
{Love you baby!}
Have a "laugh-out-loud-until-you-pee-in-your-pants"-kind of a day!
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Mamasita said...

Absolutely LOVE all of these!!! Especially the "hogging the bed" one!
Usually I go to bed before Brian, and he claims he might as well just sleep on the nightstand because I have taken up any and all space in bed! LOL :)
Girlfriend likes a good sleep, what can I say!? :)
Love you girl,

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

LOL! Thanks for the laughs Nay!!

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

Testing testing... No-reply blogger here! Am I fixed up?!? {fingers crossed}

Brooke said...

lol too funny!
love the "don't step on makes you cry" LOL
I haven't stepped on my scale in over a year! It's just better that way :)

Kristen said...

Now I know you and I are the same person! I totally sleep sideways on the bed at night unless A comes to bed with me, and even then, I usually take the lion's share. Thanks for the great jokes, they so brought a smile to my face, especially the fiber one!

Natassia Butler said...

this is just HILARIOUS!!!