Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Thankful Parenting

Source: etsy.com via Renee on Pinterest

Yesterday I asked the kids to "come here..."
I knelt down in front of them and told them "thank you".
I thanked them for being the wonderful children they are and always loving me. 
I told them they were "Mommy's best birthday present...always".
They gave me a big hug and kiss.
They got to hear what every parent should tell their kids....what the mini-me wanted to hear back in the day.
{And, yes, in the back of my head right before I talked to them....there was this voice saying, "oh please...really?" and yes, I threw that thought in the trash and replied, "Yeah Really!"}

No one said raising kids was easy...but it's not that complicated either.  Just give them the love and discipline you would want to receive.
Maybe I'm making it sound easier than it is.  But when that day comes when they no longer are my "littles" and they're teenagers or adults...
I want them to look back and think that both of their parents did a pretty good job at preparing them for life.

Yes, it can be mind-bloggling - with all the questions they have - and the answers I try to figure out...
It's really all a matter of doing and showing and explaining to our kiddies everything in due time.
But most importantly - to love them with everything.  I want to get busy experiencing everything in my kids' lives, not be so preoccupied with the raising of them.  I want to just enjoy them...

What has been the easiest or hardest thing for you as a parent?  And if you aren't a parent, what have you witnessed that amazes you about kids?

Hope all is well with you this fine Tuesday afternoon...


VictoriaVV said...

Kristen told me how wonderful you are and I can see from this post just how true that is :) I hope that when I become a mother that I am able to give my kids the kind of love and support that you obviously give to yours.

I have started a blog at http://threevsoflife.blogspot.com/ if you ever want to check it out :)

AbsoluteMommy said...

I love that! I always tell them I love them more than Starbucks so they have a reference point.
The easiest thing about parenting is loving them so much more than myself. The hardest part is losing just a little bit of myself in doing so!
Love ya Nay! Great Post!