Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Workout Goddess? Yes I am!

I absolutely, without a doubt, am utterly in love with...
Yes, gross, but so fulfilling!
When I'm working out I love to feel the sweat dripping off of me. 
Every single drop
that comes out of me is a release of tension, stress, worry.
It feels good.
It feels wonderful.
As you know, I am currently taking karate, cardio kickboxing, and yoga classes every week. 
I have become a workout goddess.
I am loving it.  Okay, truth be told, the warm-up for karate is not my favorite thing, but after that part it's great.
I hurt in a good way when I'm working out.  I let out all my frustrations during these workouts.
Any anger I've built up during the day goes directly into a punching bag or a yoga pose and releases every single crappy part of my day into that beautiful hour.
I look forward to it now. 
I know! Me? Looking forward to exercise?! Who woulda thunk it!?:)
But this is what I'm loving during my mission to a better physical and emotional me!
I'm really liking this new side of my "choosing joy" and I am not willing to let it go.
So, if for some reason the funds are no longer available in our budget for all this working out, I'm going to continue finding a way to get that wonderful sweat.
I'm gonna do this and keep keeping on.

What are you loving?
What's your mission to a better and more loved you?


ms.composure said...

LoL omg i am the same way!!! that is one of the best things i like about my workouts! that is how i tell if i am working hard enough or not...if i am not sweating then i know to push myself a little harder

Kristen Seuberling said...

I am so proud of your newfound drive in fitness! I know you are accomplishing great things in terms of health and wellness, even if you aren't seeing the full results yet. Keep at it girl, it's gotta be much better than going home from the office grumpy!

Leilani @ Soleil Selene said...

I wish I shared your enthusiasm for working out and sweat. I'm just starting to put together my plan of attack for my 90-day challenge. Wish me luck!