Monday, May 21, 2012



Remember When…
…life was just about rolling on the grass and not caring if you got dirty?
… the most important thing was that you didn’t miss Tom & Jerry or The Bugs Bunny Show on Saturday mornings?
…you laughed and giggled just *knowing* you’d be tickled by mommy or daddy?
…you were innocent enough to know it was just make-believe, but happy you could pretend that mud-pie was real?

Ah, to be a child again…
As an adult I often forget to stop and say hi to my young self from long ago. 

I Forget…
…to remember what it was like not to have a care in the world.
…that mac ‘n’ cheese was a perfectly fine meal and to stop trying to make a gourmet dinner all the time.
…that making a craft or baking a cake doesn’t have to come out “perfect” as long as you are having fun with the whole process.

That’s when I remember, I can go back to that pretty much anytime I want (!)

I have to beautiful gifts from above that I am dearly blessed with - my 8 year old and 6 year old.  Both of them remind me every day to stay young and that I’m not *that* old yet.

“Come play, Mommy!”
“Let’s make cake!”
“Let’s read!”

Yeah, “let’s”!
…because although you can never go back to that age again…
You Can Pretend : )

{I found this in my emails - it was a guest post I did for someone when I started blogging.  Thought I'd share...xo}



Mrs. White said...

this is a /very/ important thing to remember. I know I get overwhelmed sometimes with my projects if they dont' turn out 'perfect' or 'professional'. Great message!

Mamasita said...

I absolutely love this post!
Life is too short to waste any time worrying about things not being perfect, or just right, or the way they were.... We are in the here and now and must ENJOY!!! :)
That means lots of LAUGHING, SMILING, TICKLE MONSTER FIGHTS, AIRPLANE rides on your feet, snuggles and hugs!!!!
Thanks for this post Nay..