Monday, June 4, 2012

{#36} "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" {Hope Angeline Designs}

Good Morning My Loveys!
How was your weekend?
Mine was so relaxing.  We did absolutely NOTHING! True Awesomeness...
Okay, okay...I'll get on with it:)
Today's blogger-ette for
Hope Angeline
I was introduced to Hope Angeline by Brooke a while back...Brooke did her blog design and thought being on my bloggy would be a good way to get this sweet woman "out there":)
She has a beautiful story and is a VERY NEW blogger...
Please go give her the newbie blogger love that only you guys know how to give:)

Hi Y'all!
Who am I?
My name is Hope Angeline and I blog over at Hope Angeline Designs. I am a mama to 3 superhero boys and 3 precious Angels, wife to my best friend and lobster, friend, crafter and thrifter. I recently went back to work full time after being home for a year with my kids. It has been a huge adjustment but it is getting easier { I think. I hope }.
What is my bloggy about?
Hope Angeline Designs is about my life as a mama, crafter and lover of thrift stores. I have 3 Angels in heaven. My daughter Jaslynn who passed away in January 2005 to cancer, and my twins who I lost when I was 14 weeks pregnant. I want for all moms out there that are going through chemo treatments, radiation treatments, or any sort of medical treatments with there children, or mothers who have lost a child for any reason that things will get better and you will smile again. I know that it may be hard, but after the loss of my daughter I thought that I would never smile, laugh, or craft again. But time does heal. I promise.
What was an eye-opening experience or your own A-Ha moment?
I had saw something on line that made me beyond angry, I was just about to push the send button on a email when I looked up at the picture of my daughter Jaslynn that we have above the fireplace. It is kind of hard to explain but I got a peace come over me. I saw her picture and thought about how hard she fought her battle with cancer. I thought about the simple things she told me that she wanted to do in life a couple of weeks before she passed away. She wanted to go school, play with her best friend Kenny, get a Dilly Bar from Dairy Queen, marry Spiderman, and collect Bratz dolls. At that moment I realized that there is nothing worth getting that upset about. You can not control what other people or going to say or do. I was not going to let some person put me in such a angry place. I was not going to give them the benefit of any sort of emotion from me. I have a different look at things now. I let a lot of things just roll off my shoulders. Life is way too short to let things bother you.
What one thing in your life keeps you sane and happy?
The one thing that keeps me sane and happy has to be my husband Topher. He knows what to say to make me laugh even when I am frustrated. He is the one person who knows how crazy our kids can be. I love that he just randomly sends me "I love you" text through out the day. No matter how bad or crazy of a day I am having I get that "I Love You" text and everything just gets better { Oh and an occasional Bud Light doesn't hurt either }.

You can find Hope Angeline at
Side Note:  "Check Her Bloggy Out!!" is going on hiatus for a little bit.
I'll bring it back, I promise.
~ Nay ~

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