Tuesday, June 5, 2012

According to My Hubby...

Every morning I drive in to work with my hubby.  It's our time.  We listen to music, talk, you know the usual.  I'm usually babbling away and he listens.  That's how we roll.
So this morning I'm racking my brain about what to blog about.  So I think to myself why not ask him.  You never know, right?
"Hey Babe, I need help with what to write on my blog today.  It has to be a '10 things' kind of thing."
"Does it have to be 10?  Can't it just be 5?"
Gives him 'the look' and roll my eyes.
"Okay, okay...like what?"
"Um...how about a 'ten things you can do for yourself today' or 'ten things you never knew about me'?"
"I like the first one better."
I grab a notepad and pen. 

Ten Things You Can Do For Yourself
{according to Nay's Hubby}

1.  Treat yourself to your favorie cup of java...or tea...or in my case, ice cold large Coke from McDonald's.

2.  Look in the mirror and say, "You fricken rock" or "you're hot", whichever you prefer.

3.  Smile at every person you encounter today.  If they are someone who usually annoys you, smile wider.  It takes less muscles to smile than frown. 

4.  Do stretches.  If you throw your back out, you get to call in sick (or take it easy the rest of the day).

5.  Listen to soft music.  If you doze off, you get some rejuvenation out of it.

6.  Try something you've never done before.  You might like it (or at least now you know why you never bothered trying it before).

7.  Stop and smell the roses.  If you get stung, refer to the latter part of #4.

8.  Change your morning routine.  It can be as simple as driving into work a different way.
{My hubby says this with a big evil smile, "and it drives you crazy." Yeah, he thinks he's funny like that.}

9.  Just dance.  You heard me.  I'll wait.

10.  The world is a good place.  Live it up. 
Life will happen.  Remember to squeeze living in.

I love him.
He humors me.

What did you think of my hubby "life advice"?



Maria-Isabel @ Agape Love Designs said...

Love it, your hubby has some great advice! What a sport for helping you out! So cute. :)


Lil Lambz said...

The world is a good place and I am glad I have found your uplifting blog! I am your newest follower! I found you via the link up today. Check out my Tuesday Ten.


rororoyourboat710 said...

Oh, Tito.

Ashley said...

Great advice!!

VictoriaVV said...

Love this advice!!!! After this post I can suddenly see how awesome you two are together :)

Pidg said...

Ahh Haha! That's so awesomely Hubs! Oh...Number 11 get drained by Nay's talking... {so she can call Pidg!} I loves you!

Manda Jane said...

this a fantastic list! we all need to remember to do things for ourselves! these are great!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

As your today's post title says, for #3 I say, "Okay I'm on it".

Kristen Seuberling said...

I know you weren't sure about this, but I like it! I like that we get to know a little bit about the dynamic between you and the hubby too... he seems like a funny dude!

Are you a Sheldon in the car? Really Nay?

Nicole said...

Tito Marvin forgot "Don't forget to rub the buddha's belly". i rub ALL of my uncles' round bellies (including my dad's) for good luck every time i see them heheh