Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hijack back...

This is not Nay
I’ll give you one guess all of you trusty readers…Come on, you’ve gotta know who this is.  Payback may be slow but it always comes.

It’s Pidg!
Hijacking my bestie’s blog!  Woo hoo!  I feel so free!  It’s a funny story really; my Nay doesn’t update her passwords very often evidently and look who just busted through the front door!
{You can’t trust anyone these days let me tell ya!}

Oh yes, after she Hijacked my bloggy months ago I’ve been intending on getting her back, but everything always got in the way.  Well, not today!  I’ve been plotting and planning and grinning each time I thought about all of the things I could entertain you with.  And my ADHD self was trying to come up with a theme of taking her blog hostage and of course, because it’s me, I couldn’t narrow any one thing down.  I’m just so proud I’m here!
{Yep, I’m that easily entertained}

I figured since it was the weekend and she doesn’t blog on the ends of the week {cuz it’s family time} that this was my perfect opportunity to strike.  {Yes, I’m still giggling.}

But instead of silly and dork-wad things I usually do and talk about it hit me… I can totally ooze all of the great things about Wondermous Nay that keep me going.
Let me tell you a lil about our friendship.
When we first met, we totally blog stalked each other.  Then we decided it wasn’t too creepy if we called each other.  Then we would have coffee dates all the time via phone and email.  Oh how I miss those coffee dates.  I’ve since gone back to work in the real world and it just isn’t as much fun.  {I’m lonely}


When I’m working long hours, I get random texts from Nay saying things like
“Have a great day my Pidgalicious!” 
 {Yes, that’s my full name.  wink}

And when I’m down {here in NC} somehow my Cali friend senses it and will randomly call me.  {Sometimes from under her desk so she doesn’t get caught at work…true story}
When she’s taking long road trips with the Hubs and she’s drained him with her rambling; she then starts texting me because I never get drained!

Her blog is one based on inspiration and lifting others up.  The funny thing is she is constantly struggling to lift herself up to her own high expectations.  I truly love this woman.  She’s as good as it gets and I’m so lucky to have someone that is my true friend a million miles away.

Wow, this is totally sappy-awesomeness!  But really, I just wanted to put out there how much she means to me and how weepy I know she will get when she reads this.  See, she’s the inspirational, thoughtful side of our friendship.
I’m the brawn and well… threatening menace that keeps the world safe.  {giggle}

 It works for us. {smirk}

So to all of her readers, thank you for sticking by her and supporting her.  Please pass her along.  One day, I promise you, we will have ourselves a published author.  I may not know the title of the book, but the author will surely be Wondermous Nay.
{Yes, she’s seriously in my phone under that name.}

Okay now I must take my leave with an ode to Nay…

To my bloggy bff
We’re thick as thieves
We’ve never met, but we’ve always known each other
My Fiona fingered friend
Someday we’ll be sitting on my ranch at your lake
I love you from the subsol
Thank you, for seeing me through the good, the bad, and the ridiculous fun times…

And to all of her readers, thanks for letting me gush!


Haha... {not Nay}


Reannah @ {Shaped by Grace} said...

Ha! Hilarious! Way to go Pidg! I remember when nay hijacked your blog. Too funny! :) Nay is wondermous. Hope you girls have a wonderful weekend. :)

Kristen Seuberling said...

Way to go, Pidg! Nay is the best, and you're right: we are so lucky to have her in our lives, even if she doesn't always believe it's true!

courses in social media said...

Way to go, Pidg! Nay is the best

jesus said...


Nay said...!!!
Pidgalicious, you SO got me! AND...and you made me cry, gosh darn it!
But I love you my bestilicious!
{that may have to your new nickname - lmbo}

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

ROFL! Way to go Pidg!!! And yes, Nay is awesome! :)