Monday, June 18, 2012

I was going to...but then...{1}


You know Brooke, right?
My fabulous bloggy friend and blog designer?
Well, a bit ago, Brooke did a post where she wrote
 "I was going to...but then..."
and I loved it. 
I loved it so much I pleaded with her to start a link up with that theme.
{okay, I didn't plead or beg, but I said, "pretty please"}
And looky up there! She did it!

So here I go linking up with one of my bloggy besties.
{Yay, Brooke!}

I was going to...
clean the house, do laundry, and color my hair this weekend, 
but then...
the community pool on Saturday screamed our names...and then everything went down from there.

I was going to...
read and respond to emails and check blogs,
but then...
I remembered weekends are family time.
{Just as my hijacker said this weekend...don't think I didn't notice, Pidgalicious, that you got on here and talked all that mess!!! lol}

I was going to...
redesign the bloggy and start branding,
but then...
I needed to put my thoughts together and figure out what I want this place to really look like.

I was going to...
put myself down on Sunday because I was feeling fat,
but then...
I took this girl's advice and everytime I thought something bad about myself, I made myself think two nice things instead:)

So what were you going to do but then didn't?!
Support my girl, Brooke, on her new linky - it's fun!
Happy Monday Loveys!


rororoyourboat710 said...

I was going to go see Nay yesterday, but then she didn't pick up her phone -___- love you anyway :)

Kristen Seuberling said...

I was going to tell you I missed you over the weekend, but then I decided to tell you how proud I am that you didn't put yourself down! I am so glad you had a relaxing, fun weekend, hope it left you refreshed and ready to tackle the week!

Hima said...

Haha I love the first one! Who likes cleaning anyways? It was probably better that you got to enjoy the pool


Brooke said...

awesome list Nay! Thanks for encouraging me to do the link up! :)

weekends are definitely for family time and blogs can wait


Pidg said...

I was going to eat 3 tacos then I realized I should only eat save room for cheesecake. {giggle} I missed the point huh?