Friday, June 22, 2012

Want some ♥ with that coffee?

Good Morning...
It's been so long since we've sat down and just chilled.
And it's Friday, so I've made a little time this morning to share with you.
I "wished" this cup of love for you...

How's your week been?
I hope it's been better than mine!
It's been a doozy around here for the last two weeks.  Work is extra busy - home is good, but messy (as in, I haven't put those clothes away yet, home cooked meals? what are those?) - and life?
I'm moody, sniffly, cough-y...and to top it off, Aunt Flo came for her visit yesterday. you feel bad for me yet?

But it could be worse, right?
It can be, really!
I could have no job to be busy family at home to take care of or "not" cook for.
So I have to keep thinking
"Choose Joy, Nay!"

I've been reading blogs here and there these last two weeks, but not really commenting.
Except for one post this week!
Can we please please send some love to
Absolute mommy
This girl has had one heck of a week.
{You can see why here.}

 The up side?
She's held up her head high.  I'm so very proud to say she's one of my bloggy besties.
You go, Megan-girl! ♥ ya!
I forget that there are haters out there.  But, for every hater that comment vomits, we get triple the love.
I hate "the hate" that I see on other blogs, but I love to see all the positivity that comes out of it.  All that support that yells out to the haters,
" can't go there!  You're wasting your breath..."
I'm thankful that I haven't had to go through that (I may have just jinxed myself - lol), but I know that I would have you all to support me and help me get through it.
Thanks in advance for that.
Oh no, coffee's done?
Want another cup?
Go see wonderful Ms. Alissa and all her other girlies having coffee at her linky place!
Happy Friday!



LD Masterson said...

Enjoyed the visit but do you mind if I have tea?

Ashley said...

I am still attempting to finish my coffee I poured almost three hours ago! I was so upset to see all the negativity on megans blog. It just frustrates me so much! She really has held her head up high. Such a great example. :)

Beth said...

Good for you, keeping focused on the positive! I hope you aren't getting sick (although allergies + period is no fun, either). It all passes eventually, right? Have a great coffee-ful weekend!

Alissa Circle said...

Love you and your heart!!!!!

Kristen Seuberling said...

It has been so heartbreaking for me how busy, stressful, and downright crappy this week has been for you, and I could even tell in your texts that life has been beating up on you. Hope that this weekend provides you with exactly what you need in order to recharge, and be back to full awesomeness come Monday!

...Because I love ya and think you're the bomb-diggity.

Heather said...

I'm reading this a day later, but I soo need a cup of coffee now. I will stop by and read your friend's post about her week. I have had an incredibly rough three weeks. Maybe it will make me feel better or inspire me.

Thanks for sharing!