Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Time...

...I didn't want to go to college.
I went to college much later in life {after kids were born} and did really well, but
we moved and I couldn't get classes.
...I'm ready to go back.
I've applied to the fall semester at the local community college.
{I only have a couple of classes to take to transfer to a four-year.}
I'm also applying for financial aid and crossing my fingers that I get a little help.
I'm also registering on August 1.  Please pray I can get at least one class.
__ __
I was a wifey, mommy, and working out of the home with a 4.0 GPA.
I'm adding blogger and college student {with honors} to the mix.
{Yes, you read right...with honors.  I've done it before, I can do it again.}
__ __
...I didn't think I could do it all.
...I know I can.
__ __

How about you?

What did you do
that you know you can do {and will do}

~ ~


Kara said...

Such a stinking cute post! Hopefully I'll have a similar one soon. Still waiting to go back to school. :/

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

You go Nay! I couldn't go back to school if I wanted to! I tried to take ONE Spanish class after work... guess how many I actually made it to?!?! Yep... the first one. oops.

I will be cheering for you!

Kathy Schneider said...

Good for you!!

Elise @ The Jersey Flower said...

I really like the way you set this up. I also really admire your confidence and your ambition. I have friends who went back to college after having kids and they said it was a struggle. I think you should be proud of yourself, and I'll keep your endeavors in my prayers. :)

Pidg said...

Yah, I have no idea what I can do this time...but I love your new look and how smarticus you are. I love the confident Nay who doesn't let her 'Fiona fingers' hold her back in the world! Ahhhh...I miss you!

Kristen Seuberling said...

Oh you smarty-pants, you! Last time, I got a 4 year degree in something I loved, but could never use. This time, I'm getting a 4 year degree in something I can use anywhere, and that I enjoy as well!