Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Coffee Time...

If I had the privilege to actually have coffee with you today...
We would sit in silence for just a little bit...

Then I would let out a big deep breath and show you what my friend had posted on Pinterest...

Then I would tell you that it was an "exactly-what-I-need-to-hear"-kinda gift this Friday morning because
I really need to hear that right now.
I really need to believe it, too.

And then because I wouldn't want to get all weepy on you and make you uncomfortable,
So I would change the subject...

I would tell you that I won't be blogging next week
but I have asked some of my favorite bloggers to come and share with you.
I would also tell you that these ladies
will be talking about what I like to think is
their expertise.
That when I think of certain subjects of life these ladies always come to mind.
I would smile and tell you that I needed them to write for me and they didn't hesitate.
They said yes automatically and I love them for it.

I would also tell you that next week is going to be so busy at work that I'm happy I'll have them here.

Also, while I'm away next week I'm going to work on this...

 I'm going to work on getting to the best version of myself 
even if it breaks me into a million little pieces.
I know that I'll gather all those little pieces,
      throw out the bad stuff
and make sure I come back as....

"Proud, Confident...and Happy Nay"

I'll miss you guys.
Want another cup?
Go see Alissa - she always serves up good conversation with her coffee:)


Alissa Circle said...

I love you heart friend and that those amazing words you found on Pinterest are exactly what I needed this week too. It's easy to feel a loss of sense of self and praise Jesus we have an awesome God who finds ways to constantly remind us of his love. Love your heart friend and honored to be posting over here next week.

Heidi said...

I was drinking my coffee while reading this so I guess we did sort of have coffee together :)
Thanks for posting this great reminder.

Kristen Seuberling said...

I'm so honored to be guest posting for you this week, especially because I know how stressful work has been! I missed you this week, I forgot to tell you sooner. It's been crazy here too. Like, I should be reading Economics right now, but I'm commenting on your blog busy.

I can't wait to see what the other girls are going to talk about! And it's been up for a bit, but I love, love, love your new banner!