Monday, July 2, 2012


Another Monday is here...
aren't you thrilled?
I, neither:)
But chin up, buttercup and say
Good Morning!
to this awesome short week!

It's July!
Summer is here...
It's the 4th of July on Wednesday and life couldn't be better!

I made a decision last month for the blog and decided to take off buttons from blog for the summer.  I want to start shooting for a cleaner look for Cover to Cover and am currently working on a ne layout and blog design.  I think I'm going to do it by myself, too.
So I sent an email to all my "blog love" and "blog swapping" friends and let them know that they will no longer be on my sidebars.
They were really wonderful about it.
Thanks ladies!

I was a large sponsor for Royal Daughter Designs last month and for being part of the group giveaway last month, I gave away ad space as a prize.  This was before I had emailed the ladies about their buttons, but I am not one to go back on my word.  So when the winner was announced for the ad space, I decided that the blogger would be a in-post ad space winner instead.

So, you will notice that this month, Sarah from The Fontenot Four will have a special place after my signature on each post.  I hope that you will visit her and get to blog love her as much as I do!

I guess this is just an "update" post for you.  You may start seeing changes on the bloggy this summer and I would love your input.
And, if you have any html tips, please let me know!
Happy Monday!
Make it feel like a FridayJ
Introducing my July In-Post Ad Space Winner:

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Leilani @ Soleil Selene said...

Lemme know if you need help making graphics. I'm no expert, but I do love to play with Photoshop. Plus, I'll do it for free. :) Can't wait to see the changes to your bloggy blog.