Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yeah, I'm kinda serious...

That looks weird, right?  I know - to me, too.  I should explain...

A week or so ago, I got to leave early from work.  Four hours early.  My hubby was still at work and the kids were across town at their summer program.  I was pretty thrilled.  I was getting alone time.
I drove to the nearest Target...I should preface this story with a statement:

I hate shopping. 
 I know.  Weird, right?  Well, I do.
Shopping can be fun if you are with someone.
My problem?
I was alone and didn't really have anyone to do the shopping drill with...you know, the "does this make me look fat?" drill. 
So, I started getting sad. 
I was all alone and had no one to hang out with.
I am usually surrounded by my little family when I do stuff.  I'm never alone anymore.  My hubby goes shopping with me.  My kids will tell me if I look good or not in a dress or whatever.
But when they're not around, there's nobody.
I have friends.  I'm not a total loser.  My friends are just "situational". 
Let me explain:
I have friends I hang out at work with. 
These are the girls I have lunch with at work or vent to about work.
I have bloggy friends. 
I email them and text with them all the time.
{Actually I was texting with Beth while I was shoppping, so I guess I wasn't totally alone.}
I have family friends. 
I hang out with them when our families are together.
I have a best friend. 
She is also my hubby's best friend and lives pretty far.  We are a phone call away, but to see each other isn't always in the cards.

So, where am I getting with this?
I'm complaining, okay?
I'm wanting...

I want someone (or a group of someones) that I can call and say,
"Hey, I have a day off on Friday, wanna hang out?"

How did that day turn out?
I didn't buy a bathing suit and waited until the hubby was out of work to do so.
I took myself to Starbucks and had an ice coffee and brownie to make myself feel better as I sat at a table...alone with my notebook and wrote this post.

Pity party over.
How YOU doin'?


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Nora Spaulding said...

I wish I lived closer, I am wanting the same thing exactly! but i am in oregon... sad day. i will be a texting bloggy friend though? Yes!
let me know! great post hope you find a closer friend

rororoyourboat710 said...

You are totally not alone. Since I stopped working to stay home with the kids, I realized that I, too, don't have any friends. I met people at work, or at the daycare, or at the basketball games...I think it's kind of like being the new kid and just chatting it up with a stranger. Then things develop from there. It is really awkward for me when I bump into someone that I hit it off with, and I ask for their number or whatever. I feel like a creep, but I just wanna be buddies. I mean, how do you ask another woman something like that? It's weird, right? But guess what? If someone asked me for my number, I would be totally elated. Know what I mean? Ya...I wish we lived closer to each other, so I could be your "girlfriend."

Sarah Fontenot said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have a lot of friends from church who I see at church but I don't really have anyone who I can just call up and go hang out - go to the movies or Starbucks or whatever. I hae doing things by myself. :( If you need a bloggy friend to text, I'm game for that! :)

Beth said...

I have the EXACT same thing. I don't know if it's just that I don't "click" with that many women, or what...but how do you make friends as an adult, anyway? All of my female friends have busy schedules (as do I), and boyfriends or husbands and houses and pets and kids, so there is no one I can reasonably call up on a Friday and invite shopping.

There should be a rent-a-friend service for this or something.

Kristen Seuberling said...

SOMEDAY, you, me, and maybe Mrs Robinson are all going to share a cul-de-sac... and it will be awesome. For now, we have to text, and hope I can get my finances in order enough to make a trip westward!