Monday, August 20, 2012

Where is Nay?

Hi there,

Not here right now...

I'm over at the fabulous
guest posting, though.
Just in case you miss me...

Friday, August 17, 2012

bag of coffee for ya?

It's Friday already?!
How did that happen?
Let me tell you what's been going in my neck of the woods...
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

Like, can someone please pump this into my veins right now?
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

You too?
Oh yay!  Let me grab you a bag!

So, again...
I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  I'm trying to get all the stuff done at work, making sure the house doesn't collapse from all the laundry and dishes and toys scattered around...and maybe get a moment to shave my legs?  Would that be okay? Jeesh!


But yes, I'm still smilin'
{I literally do have a steady coffee stream going here!}
I'm a happy camper, loveys.
It's Friday!
Which means last day of work before the weekend...and that it's Coffee Date Friday!
Duh! My favorite caffeinated-kind of day!

Oh, and I've been meaning to tell you that I'm finally in the cool kids club!
I was picked to try out an
Influenster VoxBox!

Look at the cool stuff I got!
Source: via Influenster on Pinterest

I have yet to try the Veet wax strips {I'm a waxing virgin, ladies! I'm gonna be waxing up a storm this weekend - ha! or should I say ouch!?} or the Always Radiant Infinity Pads {but, don't worry (sigh), I will next week.  So exciting! Yes, I'm being sarcastic...}.

I've used the Shea-Enriched Shower Gel from Bath and Body Works {mine is in "Pink Pearl"} since I received it.  It's been my little luxury every morning.
My favorite fav-o-rite FAVORITE product has been the NYC lipgloss

Usually lipglosses and I don't to lip, so to speak...
But this one is AWESOME!
Not sticky and my lips don't get stuck together.
Pure ooh la la kissable lips!

Cool kid! I told ya!
And just to make you feel special
and as the reminder that we always need
{or maybe a little laugh?}
Source: via Renee on Pinterest

If you need another bag...uh, I mean cup - ha! - go see Alissa and the rest of the Coffee Date Crew!
ps:  I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.  AND you know that all my opinions on the products are my own...who else would write about it the way I do:)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bloggy Friendships {Yeung Mother Hubbard}

Hi there, my name is Nichole and I blog over at Yeung Mother Hubbard.  I am super excited to be hanging out with you all today!  Nay is one of my bloggy bffs and an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G person.  I am truly honored to be guest posting here today.

I know that everyone has gone through this feeling or maybe still is feeling this way, so I wanted to share my experiences.  Blogging friendships... they are kinda like a cool kids clique in HS, yes?!?! Well, that is how I felt about them anyway.  I would post... and post... and didn't feel like I ever connected with anyone.  I didn't have any blog friends, I didn't even know if anyone even cared about what I was posting.  I almost threw in the towel because I was tired of being liked... or not... for that matter.

Instead of throwing in the towel... I started visiting others blogs and commenting on their posts and guess what happened?  They started commenting back... and then a whole conversation started... and then I had made a new friend!  Awesomeness!  If someone comments on your post respond back.  They took the time to comment, take the time to thank them!  And if you are commenting, please don't be a no reply blogger!  I didn't know that I was a no reply blogger until Nay told me and showed me how to fix it!  Do you know if you are a no reply blogger?  Ask Nay, she will set you straight!  {wink}

Summer, Me, Reannah, Jen
Earlier this year Summer called me and asked if I wanted to help her and Jen plan a blogging conference... Elevate to be exact.  I was really excited that they had asked me so of course I accepted!!  I was already planning on attending, so it was perfect... except that I didn't know anyone in bloggy land.  BUT that all changed once I started emailing back and forth with the lovely ladies that donated to the event as well as the attendees.  By the time Elevate had actually arrived I had new bloggy friends that I couldn't wait to meet!

Elevate Blog Conference
Have you attended a blog conference yet?  No?!?!  Go!!!! and make new friends!  It doesn't matter how "small" you think your blog is just go and meet new people, learn new things, and have fun!  Remember everyone is nervous just be yourself and say hi!  I know that is hard!  TRUST me I KNOW!  If you ever see me at a conference, come and hang out with me!

I would love it if you stopped by and said hi sometime!

Thanks for having me on your blog today Nay!  Love you girl!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Kinda Wordless Wednesday...

Source: via Renee on Pinterest

Yeah, that about sums it up...makes me laugh, though!
How are you feeling today?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Going way back...

Back in the day...
Which for me was the early 90s or so
I was obsessed with making mixed tapes.

For you young'ns out there...there used to be these things called cassette tapes.
You could record music onto them.
There were two sides, so when the last song on Side A would finish, you would have to eject the cassette and turn it over for more music.
I, right?

But anyway, I just made a mix tape to what I would've have listened to during the summer in my early 20s.
Yes, it was a long time ago...

I would have had this on full blast in my room,
probably dancing and jumping on the bed and singing at the top of my lungs.
Or it would have been the tape I would pop in the car on the way to a party.
Brings back a lot of memories...a lot of them fun!

Side A
1.  Back to Life - Soul II Soul
2.  Tennessee - Arrested Development
3.  Let's Hear It for the Boy - Deniece Williams
4.  Good Vibrations - Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch
5.  Summertime - Will Smith & DJ Jazzy Jeff
6.  This is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

Side B
7.  Poison - Bel Biv Devoe
8.  I Want Her - Keith Sweat
9.  Too Close - Next
10.  More than a Woman - Aaliyah
11.  Real Love - Mary J. Blige
12.  Baby, Baby, Baby - TLC

What would've been on your mix tape back in the day?
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Monday, August 13, 2012

"manners" snob

I'm a snob....I realized this yesterday.

Right before going to a movie yesterday, we stopped at Panda Express for a quick bite.  My little family and I were enjoying some fried rice and orange chicken when I hear...

♪♫ain't nothin' but a G thang baby♪♫

Now I don't mind that all.  I used to dance to that song when it first came out, okay?  But this song was not being blasted by a car driving by.  It was being played by someone behind me while I was eating.  This guy was blasting that song, followed by other songs with explicit lyrics, in Panda Express from his little phone. {Hello, I have kids with me, sir!}

Fine.  I'm not going to say anything because #1, I know I am very sensitive to sounds (I once was able to hear a noise box thing that only raccoons are supposed to hear, okay?), and #2, no one else seemed to mind.  Not my husband, not my kids...nobody!

But then, the buzzard brain starts burping.  Are you kidding me?!  Really?  I turn around to see who these kids are, but nope...not kids.  These two guys were at least in their late 30s.  Late 30s people!

Can I tell you how disgusted I was?  I wanted to tell them off.  But I didn't.
As much as I'm a "manners" snob, I'm also a wimp.

A big wimp.

So we finished our up and went to see the new Batman movie.
End of story.

How was your weekend?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Coffee, Blessings, and...Happy Surprises:)

image found somewhere on google a long time ago
and then I picmonkey'd the heck out like?

Oh My Goodness...where has the morning gone?!
I have been running from meeting to meeting like a crazy woman...

A sweet & wonderful thing happened when I finally got to my desk, though.
{smiling really really wide}

My best friend at work left me a gift!!!
She left in a little bag...
{are you ready for this?}


She just bought a new one and gifted me her old one...just because!
Yes, I was floored!
Yes, I'm excited!
{Yes, I've had way too many cups of coffee!}

So if we were having coffee today...

I would hope you already owned one so that you could teach me how to use it.
I would probably tell you what a blessing friends are.
I would tell you that it is not in the budget to have luxuries like this.
I would tell you that a while ago, my hubby and I never had to worry about those things.
I would tell you that in the past, if I wanted something, I would just buy it.
I would tell you that with the housing crisis (and the state of what the world went through and is going through), my little family was one of the casualties.
I would tell you that it made us stronger as a family.
I would tell you that we don't take things for granted anymore.
I would tell you that it is humbling.

So when things like this happen, I pray.
I pray for the blessings He has given us.
I pray for everything that has happened and for what He protected us from that we didn't even know about.
I pray for my bff at work...

I know she has been going through a lot recently but that God is blessing her everyday.  Her giving heart, her soothing smile, her warm embraces, her listening spirit....that's what I pray will never go away in her even with everything going on.

: )

Is your coffee getting cold?
Go warm it up at Alissa's, k?

I wish you a "good surprise"-kinda day
Happy Friday!


Thursday, August 9, 2012

triple yum!

Hi Loveys,
Yesterday I re-introduced myself to all of you and forgot to tell you something...

My favorite sandwich.

{Yes, I know that I also talked about my magic # yesterday, but I really never eat it.  I think the last time I ate this sammie was when I lived in Peru!}

So introducing
"Triple Peruano"
{photo courtesy of Peru Delights}

I think Ienjoy this sandwich so much because, really, it needs to be made with love.
There's slicing and boiling and waiting to cool off and making mayo from scratch involved.
Only someone who cares would go through all that effort, right?

I was thinking about this sandwich this morning and thinking how yummy it was.  Not only that, but who I would make this for....

I thought of my family, of course
{although I don't think my hubby would like it - he likes drinking his avocado, not chewing it...},
but then it hit me!

If I could have all of you over for a brunch-tastic meal, I would make these sandwiches for you.


Although we don't know each other in person, we kinda know each other.

We're friends without having to see each other everyday.
We email each other.
We comment on each other's blog posts.
We text each other to say Good Morning or Sleep Well.
We lift each other up.

Isn't that what friends that care for each other do?
So, yeah..
I would definitely make that sandwich for you.

What would you bring to our fantasy brunch-tastic meal?
ps:  Want to know how to make the Triple Peruvian Sandwich?
Go to Peru Delights for the recipe and the blog author's take on the yumminess up there!

I was looking through the site and thought this post, 13 Ways to Eat Like a Peruvian, {lol!} was great too!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

magic # 29

That's my magic number, loveys.

I have a very sweet friend at work who has done the Weight Watcher program and has gifted me her old Weight Watcher materials.
I googled and found a place to find out my number and voila!
So, I figure I need to just plan out what I will eat everyday.
And, I already do that...up to a point.
It's the darn after-dinner munchies.

I just want to see if this will work.
Why not, right?
I won't know unless I try. parents will be visiting in December.
I always prepare my weight before they visit.
I's not the right reason.  But, hey, maybe it'll start as the reason and turn into something totally marvelous.
Like, maybe I'll just do this for myself.
What a concept.


some bits about me...

Hi My Loveys,
I've been wanting to do this kind of post for a while.
A post so that you can get to know me better...
I don't know why but I'm a little nervous about writing this.
I don't want to come off as boastful or "hey, look at how cool I am"-like, you know?
I got to get over that kind of dumb fear, so here goes!
{deep breath}
My real name is Renée.  I go by "Nay" on this blog and pretty much everywhere else in my life.  Well, I guess except for my dad who calls me "Renesita"...I am 38 years old and am married to my best friend.  We have two beautiful children, "Lovebug" (8 yr old girl) and "Little Love" (he's 6).  I was born in Los Angeles and raised pretty much all over SoCal, Perú, and Costa Rica.  Yes, I speak Spanish.  I've also lived in Boston for a while in my 20s.  I'm a grammar snob and always aspired to be in publishing, but never was serious about college.  I am finally going back to school at the end of the month and just hoping to get through the wait lists for one of the three classes I need.   

Um...what else? what else?
I haven't really showed pics of myself on the blog because I'm very self conscious.
But since I'm going out on a limb here, why not?

So yeah...that's me...well, us.
Next! really.  I think I have a problem with food.  I like it way too much.  I also have the case of the after-dinner munchies - which is pretty much what kills my healthy eating all day.
I'm also very very into making everyone happy around me.  I want everyone I know in real life and on here to be worry-free.  I check on people too much.  I'd rather worry about everyone else than myself.
Oh!  I can't live without talking...I always fill in the uncomfortable silences.
I love people...all the intricacies of what makes us...well, us.
The Hubby: really.  He is my everything.  He knew me before I even knew me.  Hard to explain, but he's my other half.  I won the lottery with that one:)  Just don't tell him that...ha!
She is everything I'm not.  And it is so very cool to know that I'm part of making her that way.
Little Love:
You know that boy you just love because he treats you with all the love you ever wanted.  Yeah, that's him.
And, oh my goodness - faves right here:
My hubby's cooking.
Tupperware. Oh and boxes.
Lists and organization.  You should see my desk at work - too clean.
Oh and you. {smile}

These questions were from one of my bloggy girls, Nat, when I said you guys can ask anything...
{she rocks by the should check her out. No, really...after you read this.}

I know what drives me crazy...does that count?  
Toilet paper put the wrong way - ugh!

I think I covered the happy part in the favorites up there...
but I don't do it all.
Trust me.
I'm a woman...The Big Guy Up There made me this way.  
That's probably how I do it.

What about you?
Tell me more about you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

...and that's how it goes sometimes

Quote by  Markus Zusak
I love quotes.
I often hope that one day my words become quotes that people live by.
{And that, loveys, is all I've got for you today...My morning, when I try to get a blog post in, has come and gone.  All the ideas I had this morning are gone.  I just had way too much to do and it wiped my slate clean.  Maybe the ideas will come back later...}

If you could ask me anything, what would it be?
Maybe your questions will inspire a new blog post.
Help a blogger out, k?

Monday, August 6, 2012

My First "Hello Monday"

Hello Monday. 
You woke me a couple minutes before the alarm clock today, but I actually didn't mind.  It's been a great morning so far.

Hello Ryan Seacrest Morning Show.
Thank you for the "Ryan's Roses" segment.  It always makes me thankful of my faithful and loving husband.

Hello Last Friday. 
Only having to work a half day was pretty wonderful.  Having an impromptu girly lunch at the Yard House made it wonderful-er.
Hello Weekend that Passed. 
Thank you for the additional girly time poolside and having a just tad to drink on Saturday. 
 Sunday's beach day was awesomest, too.  I haven't had that much fun in the ocean in a long time. sunburn this time.  Yay sunscreen SPF 50!
And...Hello Blog :)
It's a new week with so many new possibilities.  Let's make it the best week yet, k?
linking it up with
for the first time:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Guest Blogger Alert! Say Hi to Heidi:)

This week is all about introducing you to new bloggers...can you tell?
I have the pleasure of having you meet Heidi this time!
{She's a list-maker like me!  How cool is that?!}
Read on and give her some bloggity-blog love like only you know how...
Happy Friday - I'll blog at ya later!
Photobucket Hello! I'm Heidi and I blog over at Taking the Plunge.


Although I started blogging in January 2011 I hadn't really put myself out there. It has just been recently that I've started to make friends in this blogging community. I was so honoured (yes, us Canadians put a u in there) when Nay asked me to do a guest post!

One thing to know about me is that I love lists! So here is a short list of "facts" about Heidi
  • I am a youth pastor's wife. I never wanted to be a pastor's wife so I didn't marry a pastor. Instead I married a tattooed, pierced, former bad boy who could never be a pastor because he didn't have the "right look", right? house painter... who then became a pastor five years into our marriage! It's actually turned out okay though. Generally when God calls you to do something you're generally better off following His direction. (ever heard the story of Jonah?)

  • I have two tattoos, one on my thigh, the other on my wrist.
My first tattoo

Got this one in Spain, my husband, brother-in-law and sister-in-law all have the same one

  • I am petrified of spiders, like seriously freaking out, hurt-myself-in-the-attempt-to-get-away-from-them scared. My son just bought a remote control tarantula. I may need therapy.

  • I LOVE to read! When I was in Grade 6 my teacher had a floor to ceiling chart where we recorded how many pages of books we read. Once you had finished a book you wrote a book report and included the number of pages in the book. Her chart went to 10,000 pages. The second place reader had 5,000 pages. I read to 23,000 pages that year. (she had to start a separate chart just for me)
  • Now that I have two small boys, work full-time and blog I don't have as much time for reading as I did when I was younger but both my boys love to "read".

  • My husband and I fostered a teenage boy for over a year. It was both easier and harder than I expected. God directly placed this young man in our home and although it didn't end in the way we would have chosen we know that God's hand is in this young man's life.

  • I did not freak out when I turned 30, I really enjoyed my 30th birthday and can truthfully say that I am loving my 30th decade (just celebrated 31!) My 25th birthday was a different story...

  • I have a crazy amount of aunts, uncles and cousins on my Dad's side. As in my Dad has 16 brothers and sisters. They are all married and have kids except for one aunt. When I was little and my grandparents were still alive we would hold family gatherings in a church close to my grandparent's place (because there was no way someone's house could hold all these people!)
  • My husband does about 80% of the cooking in our house. We both enjoy this arrangement.
  • I have cleaned all three bathrooms in my house, every Tuesday night for the past four weeks. This is a big deal for me because consistent housework is not my strength!

I blog about my life, faith and my family. Athough I do sometimes post some serious stuff I generally like to keep it light and I'd like to think I can be funny. I'd really enjoy meeting some other new bloggers too!

Thanks Nay for letting me share with you guys.