Thursday, August 2, 2012

Crushin' on....

I thought this was a cute linky party...and totally random...which is definitely how I want to roll today.
The theme today?
Celebrity Girl Crushes...

Here are mine:

Now, now...don't jump to any conclusions...I'm not into chicas {! just foolin'! jeesh...}
But I do "just love" these women.
Why?, I don't know them personally {duh!} but I could be friends with them!
From what I see in the characters they play or how they present themselves in the media,
I like what I see.
I see strong, confident women that wouldn't put up with shizz, you know?

So, yes, they are my "girl crushes".
I like their style.
I like their movies.
I like that they're different.
They definitely do not fit in the "hollywood" cookie mold.

Who do you "just love"?
Which girl celebrities are you crushin' on?
Found these pics on pinterest and pinned them to my Crushin' board.
Go check it out and all my other boards, too.
Oh and here's the button to see other bloggers' celebrity girl crushes, too.
{See, I'm not the only one!}


kailyn marie said...

I love Emma Stone!!!! :)

Heidi said...

Oh I totally agree with you on this post! I love all these actresses too :)

Katrin said...

Emma Stone is so great!

Joanna said...

Rachel McAdams is my favorite :)

Lin said...

I'm totally crushing on Emma Stone. Especially when she's sporting her awesome red hair :)

Thanks for linking up with us, hope to see you next week too!

Emily @ the Anna Delores blog said...

I've been planning to write a "girl crush" blog post for awhile now! Love this! And LOVE Emma Stone!!

natalie blair said...

Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams are definitely hotties in my book!

Leilani @ Soleil Selene said...

I <3 Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams!!! I've got girl crushes on them, too!

beth said...

When I saw Emma Stone in The Help- she had me. She had me at hello- with her raspy Southern voice...

fun post my friend!!!