Monday, August 13, 2012

"manners" snob

I'm a snob....I realized this yesterday.

Right before going to a movie yesterday, we stopped at Panda Express for a quick bite.  My little family and I were enjoying some fried rice and orange chicken when I hear...

♪♫ain't nothin' but a G thang baby♪♫

Now I don't mind that all.  I used to dance to that song when it first came out, okay?  But this song was not being blasted by a car driving by.  It was being played by someone behind me while I was eating.  This guy was blasting that song, followed by other songs with explicit lyrics, in Panda Express from his little phone. {Hello, I have kids with me, sir!}

Fine.  I'm not going to say anything because #1, I know I am very sensitive to sounds (I once was able to hear a noise box thing that only raccoons are supposed to hear, okay?), and #2, no one else seemed to mind.  Not my husband, not my kids...nobody!

But then, the buzzard brain starts burping.  Are you kidding me?!  Really?  I turn around to see who these kids are, but nope...not kids.  These two guys were at least in their late 30s.  Late 30s people!

Can I tell you how disgusted I was?  I wanted to tell them off.  But I didn't.
As much as I'm a "manners" snob, I'm also a wimp.

A big wimp.

So we finished our up and went to see the new Batman movie.
End of story.

How was your weekend?


Sarah Evans said...

I wonder if I'm the only one totally distracted by the idea of a restaurant called Panda Express! I take it there's no Panda on the menu?!


Beth Wade said...

While Panda Express is a fast food restaurant (and so public burping doesn't surprise me), the music thing would have seriously pissed me off. I cannot stand it when people share their music like that....headphones are cheap, easily available, and not painful to use. (To me, that's right up there with people having conversations on speaker phone in public). Your being offended was TOTALLY justified and appropriate!

RedRoseVintage said...

Following you from the Return the Favor Hop. Stop by when you can and be sure to enter my giveaway! ;)
xo sandra

RedRoseVintage said...

And that's just nasty! I would have been pissed! I dislike people like that!
So how was Batman? lol, I still have not seen it! Hopefully I make it before it's not in theaters anymore!
xo sandra

Brooke said...

I was at the baseball game last weekend with my family. There was a family with small kids beside us. A bunch of drunk, barely legal drinking age, smelly (serious personal hygiene issues ) boys show up and take the seats in front of us. THey proceed to swear and cuss and carry on. The very polite usher told them that this was a family environment and the language wouldn't be tolerated. After a second warning they continued in their nasty ways. I turned around to see 3 police officers approaching and then promptly escorting them out! Everyone around us cheered!

You're not a snob when you expect to be able to have a nice family outing without having your kids exposed to that type of language and behaviour!