Wednesday, August 8, 2012

some bits about me...

Hi My Loveys,
I've been wanting to do this kind of post for a while.
A post so that you can get to know me better...
I don't know why but I'm a little nervous about writing this.
I don't want to come off as boastful or "hey, look at how cool I am"-like, you know?
I got to get over that kind of dumb fear, so here goes!
{deep breath}
My real name is Renée.  I go by "Nay" on this blog and pretty much everywhere else in my life.  Well, I guess except for my dad who calls me "Renesita"...I am 38 years old and am married to my best friend.  We have two beautiful children, "Lovebug" (8 yr old girl) and "Little Love" (he's 6).  I was born in Los Angeles and raised pretty much all over SoCal, Perú, and Costa Rica.  Yes, I speak Spanish.  I've also lived in Boston for a while in my 20s.  I'm a grammar snob and always aspired to be in publishing, but never was serious about college.  I am finally going back to school at the end of the month and just hoping to get through the wait lists for one of the three classes I need.   

Um...what else? what else?
I haven't really showed pics of myself on the blog because I'm very self conscious.
But since I'm going out on a limb here, why not?

So yeah...that's me...well, us.
Next! really.  I think I have a problem with food.  I like it way too much.  I also have the case of the after-dinner munchies - which is pretty much what kills my healthy eating all day.
I'm also very very into making everyone happy around me.  I want everyone I know in real life and on here to be worry-free.  I check on people too much.  I'd rather worry about everyone else than myself.
Oh!  I can't live without talking...I always fill in the uncomfortable silences.
I love people...all the intricacies of what makes us...well, us.
The Hubby: really.  He is my everything.  He knew me before I even knew me.  Hard to explain, but he's my other half.  I won the lottery with that one:)  Just don't tell him that...ha!
She is everything I'm not.  And it is so very cool to know that I'm part of making her that way.
Little Love:
You know that boy you just love because he treats you with all the love you ever wanted.  Yeah, that's him.
And, oh my goodness - faves right here:
My hubby's cooking.
Tupperware. Oh and boxes.
Lists and organization.  You should see my desk at work - too clean.
Oh and you. {smile}

These questions were from one of my bloggy girls, Nat, when I said you guys can ask anything...
{she rocks by the should check her out. No, really...after you read this.}

I know what drives me crazy...does that count?  
Toilet paper put the wrong way - ugh!

I think I covered the happy part in the favorites up there...
but I don't do it all.
Trust me.
I'm a woman...The Big Guy Up There made me this way.  
That's probably how I do it.

What about you?
Tell me more about you.


rororoyourboat710 said...

I wanna know MORE!

RadiantKristen said...

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are so kind and loving. And I love hearing about you. All of the time.

Ashley said...

This is great! I love reading posts like this and I never knew what your job was before today. Thanks for sharing all of this. :)

Brooke said...

you're so awesome.
we should skype...i've never skyped but we should :)

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

too cute! i love this! and i'm a talker too and not a fan of uncomfortable silences! hehe. :)