Thursday, August 9, 2012

triple yum!

Hi Loveys,
Yesterday I re-introduced myself to all of you and forgot to tell you something...

My favorite sandwich.

{Yes, I know that I also talked about my magic # yesterday, but I really never eat it.  I think the last time I ate this sammie was when I lived in Peru!}

So introducing
"Triple Peruano"
{photo courtesy of Peru Delights}

I think Ienjoy this sandwich so much because, really, it needs to be made with love.
There's slicing and boiling and waiting to cool off and making mayo from scratch involved.
Only someone who cares would go through all that effort, right?

I was thinking about this sandwich this morning and thinking how yummy it was.  Not only that, but who I would make this for....

I thought of my family, of course
{although I don't think my hubby would like it - he likes drinking his avocado, not chewing it...},
but then it hit me!

If I could have all of you over for a brunch-tastic meal, I would make these sandwiches for you.


Although we don't know each other in person, we kinda know each other.

We're friends without having to see each other everyday.
We email each other.
We comment on each other's blog posts.
We text each other to say Good Morning or Sleep Well.
We lift each other up.

Isn't that what friends that care for each other do?
So, yeah..
I would definitely make that sandwich for you.

What would you bring to our fantasy brunch-tastic meal?
ps:  Want to know how to make the Triple Peruvian Sandwich?
Go to Peru Delights for the recipe and the blog author's take on the yumminess up there!

I was looking through the site and thought this post, 13 Ways to Eat Like a Peruvian, {lol!} was great too!


rororoyourboat710 said...

You're so busted. Now you have to bring some to mikko's bday. Hala!

Jackie Burris said...

Nay that sandwich looks cool and summery.
If we were to ever have brunch would love to bring chilled watermelon slices and fried chicken drumsticks, I am channeling my husband's favorites but love my comfort food!

Nichole @ Yeung Mother Hubbard said...

That seriously better be in a cooler with my name on it next time I see you! You don't even have to make the mayo, store bought is fine with me!

Pidg said...

How about this... You come over and I'll make the sandwich for you! and me cuz it looks amazing! I loves you oh so much, you're worth boiling, slicing and whatever else!

Kenya G. Johnson said...

You lost me at mayo from scratch. HOWEVER, if we lived in the same town "It's a date". I'd bring something from scratch too - just to be fair.

RadiantKristen said...

Oh man... if you and I were going to eat together, and we were cooking... I would make a Roast Chicken. I would make Ratatouille, and Chocolate Raspberry blackout cake with amaretto ganache. And some yummy cocktail, or some fantastic french red wine. And then we'd pass out for amazing 4 hour naps.