Thursday, September 20, 2012

Desire to Inspire and Believe

♪♫♪I believe the children are our future♪♫♪
{those were the first words that came to mind when I heard about LIY's link up today}

I believe ...
... in a good sense of humor - the kind that has you laughing until you cry and pee in your pants.

... that "dude!" is always appropriate to get your feelings across.

... in Taco Bell, Tommy Burgers, Macaroni Grill, peruvian food, and my hubby's yummilicious spaghetti.

... that maxi dresses are the best invention.  Ever.

Source: via Renee on Pinterest

... coffee does the trick every. single. time.

... in a good juicy novel while soaking in a warm bath after the kids go to sleep.

... that a phone call to your "best friend for life" is mandatory to keep you sane.

... in community and building bloggy friendships.

... inspiring others to be what they always dreamed of.

... a good work ethic like the 7 dwarves philosphy is awesome (don't you whistle while you work?).

... in dancing in the car. this kind of marriage:)
Source: via Renee on Pinterest
... in raising my daughter to be confident and strong.
... in teaching my son how to respect women.

... in "time-outs" in the corner - hitting is unacceptable.

... in answering questions as truthfully as possible.

... in not hurting people's feelings and using words of affirmation to anyone who crosses your path.

... in Him and everything He has done for me (even the things I don't know about).

... in you and your potential and reminding you that YOU ARE AWESOME.

... in old school games on long road trips.

... in thinking in Spanglish.

... in crying while watching commercials,, Star Trek.

... that music lyrics are meant to be written down in a notebook along with favorite quotes.

... in secret admirer notes to your hubby.

... in "I'm proud to be your mommy" notes in their backpacks.

... in making cake, muffins, cookies in the morning before getting ready for work so that the hubby and kids have a special surprise in their lunches.

... in me.

And oh. so. much. more...

What do you believe in?
How do you inspire others?
What will you do today to show how awesome you are?

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Heidi said...

Coffee, YES! and of course Him, without Jesus I am nothing.

Great post!

RadiantKristen said...

Dude.... yes. These are wonderful things to believe in. I believe in you, too!

Tami Rebekah said...

So Sweet!!

Donna McMorrow said...

Dude! Very funny. Love your list.