Monday, September 10, 2012

God's Little Helpers :)

On Saturday morning, as I was waking up without an alarm (!), I reached over to grab my hubby's phone to check my email.  I do this every weekend morning and the email box is usually just filled with my blog subscription emails or junk mail...but not this Saturday morning!!!

To my most pleasant surprise, there was a lovely and totally taken by surprise kinda of email...
First, I gasped!
Then, I got teary-eyed...
See this?
I was dying to go to this mini blog conference!
But up to that moment I wasn't going to be able to all.  The budget's been tight. extra tight.

But there was another plan at work, loveys!  One of God's little helpers in our bloggy world bought me (little ole me!) a ticket...

How cool and wonderful is that?!

Now I'll be able to see Alissa and Nat speak!
Now I get to sit with Summer, Nichole, and Rachel and learn all kinds of great bloggy stuff!
Now I get to walk around the boutique and see all the cool handmade stuff!

I feel so blessed.  I feel so very encouraged.  I feel a light inside of me again.
Thank you, God's Little Helper, thank you!

So not only was that day awesome because of that blessed email, but the same morning I got the text from Nichole about this redesign...
{you've already seen me gush about that this morning...}

The bloggy community is good.
It's really good.

And I am so very thankful!


Rachel @ Polka Dots and Lemonade said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you will be able to go! I wish I was able to drive with you guys, but I will definitely be looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Munchie's Mama said...

Love the new design and I am so excited to see you in a couple weeks!!

LD Masterson said...

I'm glad for you. Have a great time.